1. Always use a shoehorn to facilitate entry and exit of the foot, thus preventing damage to the rear part of the shoes.
  2. When storing your shoes insert the appropriate tile wood inside of each shoe to absorb the moisture and maintain shape. Keep away from sources of heat and direct sunlight
  3. Clean and polish your shoes regularly, but first make sure that the skin of the upper and leather sole are free of dust or other contamination. Remove any dust or dirt with a cloth or brush.
  4. To nourish the skin, apply Gallucci nourishing creams with a soft brush or a cotton cloth, rubbing slowly in concentric circles. Repeat this step also on the sole of leather.
  5. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove the excess cream with a brush or a cotton cloth.
  6. Polish the shoes, applying the pike for Gallucci running shoes, in concentric circles with a soft cotton cloth.
  7. After polishing your shoes, let stand for several hours before wearing them again.